Web Design & Technogoly

Our expert team brings digital ideas to life with beautifully executed, creative design.

The website of a company projects the image of the company to the world. Thus it needs to be built with utmost precision, and in a manner that boosts the company’s image not only in front of its clients, but also the other entities involved i.e. vendors, employees, marketing agents, distributors & dealers etc.

The colour combination, layout, the content in the website should be dealt with care so that it projects the right image of the company to the world.

The web designers are more than eager to give large images, add heavy material like animations, animated graphics, write extra code, use different styles of typography, background and music which makes the page heavy, increases the page size without even giving any advantage to the page. The download time increases and the visitors in most cases leave the page without even reading the content. Most of the designers also ignore the compatibility issue between the whole lot of browsers available today.

The clients always look for best websites at cheap price. But as everyone knows, low price & good quality do not go hand in hand. Just as we have budgets for each & everything we spend on in our day to day lives, similarly one also needs to have the right budget set according to his needs and taste.

What might be cheap for one company can be more than expensive for the other.

Nath Info Solutions, a website design company takes utmost care of the above hindrances / obstacles, and give you what is most suited as per your needs & budget. In simple words we can say that we give you “Value for money”.

It is also important to move with the changing time just as we do in our normal day to day activities. We buy the one of the most expensive clothes & accessories designed by some leading brands, even knowing that fashion would change next season.

Similarly, the IT industry also goes through rapid technological advances, may be at times more frequently than the fashion industry, but we continue to stay with old technology & design. The companies, who adapt to the new technology faster, take the lead over their competitors, in terms of better look and feel, enhanced security, faster downloads. Their web pages look more professional; catch the eyes of more visitors resulting in more page views, better ranking in search engines. These aspects cannot be ignored in case one looks for a professional website design.

This makes companies go backwards as compared to the ones who choose to move with time. When you do not move as fast with the changes, you start to lack behind.

Another area which the companies ignore are security loopholes, which are not patched and thus become vulnerable to attack by cyber criminals, better known as hackers. It is very important to keep the security issues in mind, along with the design and development of any website / web application. Newer technologies keep the security features in mind as cyber attacks are increasing in number by each day.

We at Nath Info Solutions, also keep these security issues in mind along with the front end user interface (ui) built with the latest technology, thus giving you security + looks = the most advanced applications / websites.

Any static / dynamic website can be built using HTML, DHTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP.Net, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, SilverLight etc. We at Nath Info Solutions choose to make your website design / web applications using the latest tools available under Microsoft ASP.Net platform with SQL Server as the database / backend, giving you the leading edge over others. These websites also designed in a manner to be compatible with all the leading browsers in the IT industry.

From the user’s stand point, one needs to have latest version of the browser that one uses, to avoid compatibility issues, which otherwise he might face with any website. Not only do the compatibility issues get solved, but also the security patches are in place to avoid any kind of unpleasant experience during browsing. The users are also expected to follow the security guidelines during their stay on the internet to protect them from any kind of attack.

Following W3C standards during the website design process, allows the code to be semantic, and also problems with the various browsers and the various operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) are somewhat avoided. Having a W3C validated website assures that the website code has been standardised. Search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo also give more value to such sites during the ranking process.